Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas - Blogmas Day 1

Let me just start this off with an explanation to my absence over what has been essentially a month. School's been shit, work experience has been draining and I haven't been feeling great. That, coupled with a serious slump in wanting to write. Simple.

But I've decided to get this month off to a running start and undertake Blogmas! Exciting I know, but I think this something that I need to do more than I want to because writing has yet to dampen my mood and I'm hoping this is going to be something that helps keep my head about the water (or snow, or piles of homework / exam revision / stress in general). 

So I'm currently sitting on my bed with my 8tracks plugged into my headphones with a hot chocolate and no job to go to tonight and I'm feeling pumped.

This is going to be an easy one to start off with - Christmas Gift Ideas. So simple yet so freaking hard to think of when you have as many people to buy for as I do.

1. Lush

You can never go wrong with a little bit o' Lush. All that vegan-y goodness that smells divine and is pretty much a must when it comes to buying for someone who loves pampering themselves, or even just loves a good bath! And a bathbomb or two will definitely not break the bank at just under £4 a bomb, and with the variety that Lush offers, there's almost certainly something for everyone!

2. Jewellery

I absolutely adore buying people jewellery for Christmas, and will spend hours scouring Etsy to find something that's just right. This year I decided to buy a few of my friends presents from some of the shops in this vast online market place. I especially love the individuality from each of the stores that people have put time into create something so perfectly unique! There's always something fro a good price if you know where to look.

3. Socks

Socks are, in my not so humble opinion, the most underrated present that you can receive on Christmas, and last year for me came and went without a single funky sock in my stocking. I was gutted. To quote one Albus Dumbledore, "One can never have enough socks.". So grab a snazzy pair or two from any high street store and boom, instant prezzie. I'm loving these socks from New Look, and they're on offer too!

Pink Stripe Banana Pineapple Print Socks | New Look

4. A Book

Whenever I'm asked by my parents what I want for Christmas, I love to give them a list of book titles that I've been craving but have been too poor to afford over the previous year. I know that not everyone likes books, but really, they just haven't found the right one yet. I'm a firm believer that everyone is a reader, some just haven't discovered the joy yet. So buy a book from Amazon that you think will tickle your friend or family member's fancy and give them a whole other world this year.

5. An Item That Relates To A Hobby 

My dad recently told me that he wanted to get back into art this year so 3 guesses what I'm getting him this year. Sometimes it can just be as simple as listening to see what they need!



  1. Anonymous12/02/2015

    Girl, If you like Lush and Blogging then we are basically twins. I'm getting addicted to your post's. Also, For books you could actually try going into Charity Shops, I know in england we have one called Age, they do some new and old books for £2 or less. :)

  2. I buy all my books from charity shops!! My town is full of them and I love poking around to see what I can find!


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