Friday, 4 December 2015

My Letter To Santa (Christmas Wish List)

Dear Santa,

Thank you very much for everything you got me last year...

That's always how my Christmas letters started off every year. I was a cheesy kid.

This year I would like...

... and then I got straight to the point because I always reckoned that Santa had tonnes of letters to get through in a month so I tried to make it short and sweet and straight to the point.

  • A Polaroid Camera
I have fallen in love with polariod cameras. Absolutely head-over-heels in love. A few of my friends have them and they always bring them out on special occasions, ready to snap a memory or two to hold forever. That's such a beautiful concept for me to get my head around and I'd love to be able to have that ability for myself. The camera I'm hoping to get is the Fuji Instax Mini 90.

  • Socks

  • Books
I always give my parents Santa a list of books every year that will probably end up doing me until mid March, because I think the gift of a world is the most precious thing you can give someone. Making it onto my list this year is The Lunar Chronicles, The Mara Dyer Trilogy and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone : Illustrated Edition. About 7 books all in all. I can't wait!

N x


  1. Books and Socks is by far the perfect combo!

  2. HEY!

    I love it- short, sweet and straight to the point. I always though that if I was more extravagant with my words, it would put me higher up on Santa's 'nice list'.

    Did you end up getting what you asked for?

    All the best


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