Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas Traditions

Everyone has their own little quirks and traditions at Christmas time, and each one is special in their own unique way. I love it! So I've decided to share some of my Christmas traditions with you guys and let you have a peak into my Christmas Day!

In my house the traditions begin on Christmas Eve when my parents, brother and I go to my grandparent's church for a Christingle service where we give thanks for all our health and happiness to be able to share another Christmas together. This is a really important part of our Christmas.

On Christmas day, after opening our presents from my parents, we go to my other Gran's church with the substantially larger side of the family. Again, being a Christian, this is truly important for me. Next, all 20+ of us head up to my aunt and uncle's house for a few hours before going home to get the dinner started.

My grandparents will usually arrive at about 4 with my aunt and uncle from my Mum's side with my littlest cousins (6 & 4) and we'll have dinner together.

 My next tradition is usually one of the strangest traditions I have, and my friends always laugh at me because of it; I only open my presents from under the tree after dinner. It's totally bizarre and people always ask me how I'm able to wait that long, but for me it's completely normal. I've always been brought up to never be greedy, and spreading my gifts throughout the day always allowed me to appreciate everything that little bit more.

I'd love to hear what some of your Christmas traditions are, so leave a comment below if you fancy! See ya'll tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous12/02/2015

    Awe, So nice that you all have a huge meal together!


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