Sunday, 6 December 2015

Favourite Christmas Movies

For me, there's nothing better than sitting in on a cold winter's night, snuggled into a warm duvet or sitting in front of the fire with a hot chocolate with a Christmas movie on the telly.

There are so many festive movies out there for all of the family, and so I'm here to give you all a run down of my 6 favourite Christmas movies that I watch every year without fail.

6.  Home Alone

'Home Alone' is one of the best Christmas movies out there, in my opinion. It's such a feel-good, comedic film that always reminds you of the true meaning of Christmas (and how cute Macaulay Culkin was as a child)

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nothing bridges the transition from Hallowe'en to Christmas the 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. This is always one of the first movies I watch every Christmas season (and by Christmas season I mean early November) to get me into the festive spirit, and who doesn't love a little bit of Tim Burton?

4. The Grinch

I know 'The Grinch' is probably somewhere at the top of many people's festive favourites list, and for good reason. It's perfection.

3. The Polar Express

You know Christmas is just around the corner when 'The Polar Express' is shown. It actually terrifies me when I realise that this film is over 10 years old, because I still remember going to see it in the cinema, but it still seems so new when compared with the others on my list. I especially love the little ticket punching bit; it's my favourite part of the whole movie!

2. Elf

You're insane if you don't watch 'Elf' at Christmas. There may be something medically wrong with you and I think you need to go and get it checked out. How can you not love 'Elf'?

1. The Muppet Christmas Carol

'Christmas Carol' will forever be my favourite holiday story, and the Muppets make everything so much better, so naturally this is my favourite movie. I always seem to save the best until last, and I try so hard every year to leave watching this movie until Christmas Eve because, for me, it finally means that Christmas is here. I'm even getting butterflies from thinking about watching it!

There we have it, my favourite Christmas movies! Feel free to comment below on how you guys feel about any of these movies, and also tell me any that are your favourites that I haven't included on this list!

N x

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  1. I love these movies! I have seen all of them except the Muppet on and The Grinch (but I usually watch the original cartoon of that one). I just watched Elf last night! I feel like it gets funnier the more you watch it! Also, a few more of my favorites are It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story. Those are so fun to watch. Nice post!


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