Saturday, 5 December 2015

What's In My Bag : Winter Edition

I've never done a 'What's In My Bag' before but I've always loved reading about them and watching them on YouTube so I thought I'd give it a go!

Starting in the top left corner I have my keys. Always a necessity, especially for school and when I'm working late and I have to creep into the house after my family has fallen asleep.

Next to my keys are some pretty little pens because I'm that person who, when asked, never has a pen (unless I stole the IKEA or Argos pen "accidentally") and I can guarantee that I will lose all of them within a week. If you haven't already guessed I'm a very clumsy person. My dad always tells me that I'd lose my head if it wan't screwed on and he's totally right.

My purse just lives in my bag. I never take it out unless I have to bring it into school, and I'm always petrified of losing it because it basically contains my life. Yeah there's the bank cards and the driving license, but my heart would break if I lost my Nandos and Starbucks cards. That would be the end of me. For those of you wondering, I bought this purse in Primark a few months ago for £6.

Below my keys is my Blistex lipbalm which is an absolute godsend in this frigid winter air. It's the Blistex Intensive Moisture and although it makes your lips tingle for a minute or two, it really does work miracles. It's described on the blurb (is the back of a packet called a blurb? I don't know) as "Shea Butter and Allantoin for a long-lasting moisture and protection, plus a refreshing tingle (??)" Despite that slightly weird description, it works wonders. And of course I got me gum.

Although I wear contact lenses I like to have my glasses close at hand so I'm never blind if one of my contacts lenses goes funny or falls out. Seeing is kind of important for me.

Over at the far right I have my book. Obviously it's not always 'Extraordinary Means' but that's my current bag book at the minute and so I'll keep ya'll updated on what I think of it. I read 'Severed Heads, Broken Hearts' by Robyn Schneider before and loved it, so I have high hopes.

Below my glasses are my makeup staples that I always seem to need when I'm out and about; my lipstick, my eyeliner and my concealer. Both lipstick and eyeliner are by Rimmel with my concealer being the cheap and cheerful Collection, all of which I absolutely love to bits and some how manage to rub of throughout the day.

To the right of my makeup I have my signature scent, the fabulous vanilla body spray by Body Shop. I've previously mentioned this scent in a older post about my Autumn Essentials which I'll leave a link to here so you can go and check it out if you're curious. Needless to say, it's my fave.

Below my makeup are my earphones. No explanation needed.

And finally to the left of my earphones is my planner which is forever moving between my school bag and handbag purely because I need it almost everywhere I go. It has my majorly essential times and dates such as my shifts for work, my driving lesson schedule and my blog post ideas. I think it's super cute and I love it to bits and for anyone wondering, I bought it in Paperchase for around £10. (I'm not 100% sure on the price, but it was definately worth every penny!)

So there we have it! I really enjoyed creating this post and giving you a tour around my bag. As I said before, I love reading these sorts of posts and if you have done anything similar, please leave a comment below so I can check it out and give you a follow!

N x

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  1. This is such a cute post- I loved reading it! I keep my planner with me all the time too- I have to write everything down to stay organized :). Neat post!


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