Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas Decorations

The first weekend in December always marks the putting up of all the Christmas decorations in my house and it has been for as long as I can remember. However it's not always the most pleasant experience.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the festive feel to the house when the tree is up and it's surrounded by presents, and the illuminated Frosty is standing guard beside the front door, but the actual erection of everything is something I'd really rather avoid. The annoying shouting at stubborn fairy lights and the 'No! There's already a bauble on that branch! Put it in that bald patch over there!' I could do without.

But when everything is lit up and the fallen pine needles have been tided away it's a sight to behold.

This is the second, less elegant of our two trees she's still an absolute beauty. We always laugh every year when we put the little cape around the bottom of the tree because it's what my brother used when he was playing a king in the nativity nearly 10 years ago.

Frosty here has been handed down from my great-grandmother to my mum and he is my favourite decoration that we put up every year. He's so old, but so darn cute!

This is our main tree that stands in our living room. This is the one where all our gifts for our friends and family will stay, and it looks fabulous with the gold colour scheme Mum has going on.

We also have two of these little holly string wreath things that line our mantles. I think it gives such a warm and snug feeling to the house, especially when couples with a lit fire and some dancing flames.

Now it has to be said that these aren't all of our decorations, as we have a few little odd bits scattered here and there throughout the house, but these guys are my absolute favourites.

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  1. Your Christmas decorations look great!


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