Thursday, 8 October 2015

Morning Routine : Autumn/School Edition

I'm not a morning person. There's no way that anyone can enjoy pulling themselves out from under a warm, snug duvet into the frigid cold that is an unheated house. But alas, it must be done, so I'm going to tell you guys a few of my little tips and tricks that I have incorporated into my school morning routine to help you through the cold autumn mornings.

First thing's first; set more than one alarm 'cause honey, you're going to need it.

I usually set 3 alarms 15 minutes apart when trying to wake myself up, as it gives a little time to doze in between, but you're not able to completely fall back into a deep sleep. Also, when choosing a song/sound for your alarm, don't choose your favourite song, or any song really, because you will start hating it so much you'll probably end up with some form of PTSD when you hear it on the radio. Instead, pick a sound that starts of quietly and gradually gets louder to prevent any rude awakenings from those sweet dreams.

Next, throw on a dressing gown and some fluffy socks to keep all that heat in your body. Theses are a must for cold mornings.

After that, I would usually make a beeline for the bathroom where I brush my teeth. I know some of you might find it weird that I brush my teeth before eating breakfast, but I do it again after (I promise), I just really hate that morning breath taste. I'm currently using, and loving, Colgate MaxFresh.

Before leaving the bathroom I will exfoliate and moisturise my face. This is probably the part of the routine that wakes me up the most and makes me feel the most refreshed. To exfoliate, I use the Clinique Sparkle Skin and for moisturiser I'm loving Clinique Moisture Surge.

Now it's time for breakfast. Do not skip breakfast. Ever. None of this "oh but I can't eat in the morning" crap, 'cause you can. Grab something, anything; an apple, a yogurt, a piece of toast with jam. You don't have to eat it seconds after you get up, but as you get ready it's always good to have something to munch on, just make sure you eat. (Also, drink coffee because coffee.)

The next thing I would do is probably my make up for school. I don't usually wear a lot of make up to school because frankly, I can't really be bothered, however when I'm feeling in the mood I'll put on some foundation and concealer with a bit of eyeliner and mascara. I can't go too OTT because my school is quite strict about makeup, but now that I'm in the senior school they're a bit more lenient. If you want me to do a full school morning routine post, leave a comment below.

Finally, I get dressed into my uniform and so any homework I didn't get done the night before (ATTENTION : I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. BAD IDEA. ABORT. ABORT.) and hop on in the car and off we go!

I hope you enjoyed this little post, and if so please leave a comment and give it a share, it would be much appreciated!

Song of the day : 'A Certain Romance' - Arctic Monkeys

N x

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