Thursday, 3 September 2015

Welcome to School (Hell)

It's been longer than I would have liked between my first and now second post, but between reading and working and TV (I know, not the best excuse) summer just ran away leaving me in it's wake with a fresh bunch of exam results and a lot of new stationary.
Classes have started again, and new faces have started appearing both in the form of first years and new classmates, whether permanent or temporary, in among my old classmates. And He's back.
Before I go on I should probably explain Him. He is a boy (obviously) who suddenly appeared on my radar Christmas last year. He sang and played bass at a school concert and I started noticing. Simple. Only not really because I'm utterly, utterly confused.
He's my type, I think, seeing as I've never actually dated anyone in my entire 17 years of existence. I've not even technically kissed anyone, as the first time was an accident (and with my female best friend (not that way inclined)) and the second time was not my decision and was instead made by my drunk friend (?) who decided to shove his tongue down my throat before I could stop him. But if I do happen to have a type it would be tall, thin, blonde and musical.
I smile at him between classes and in the sixth form room, He's caught me looking a few times before I could turn away, and I've caught him looking too, but we've never spoken, and he's not in any of my classes because He's the year above me in school. I think I like him (again I don't know because I've never liked anyone before) and I've imagined kissing him and it always makes me smile. But I just don't know.
Basically, I've returned to a very confusing environment with a mixture of new and old faces, new and old subjects, and new and old feelings and I don't know if I should feel excited or nervous.

Song of the day : 'School Uniforms' - The Wombats

N x

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  1. Aww, He seems so sweet!! You should totally say hi to him if you haven't already! (sorry, I only just found your blog, which I LOVE by the way!)
    I may like a guy who is at my college (UK).. He's not too tall, but seems musical and VERY cute.. And like you, I've never been in a relationship or been kissed in my nearly 17 years of life..
    I hope something works out between you two :)


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