Friday, 25 September 2015

5 Autumn Essentials

The nights are darkening, the leaves are turning red and gold, the air is cooler. Autumn is coming...

Autumn is one of the most loved and fashionable seasons of the year. Out with the bright and vibrant pinks and yellows and blues of the summer, in with the golds and burgundy and forest greens. It's the favourite season of many vloggers and bloggers, and this blogger is no different. So I've decided to tell you about my top 5 essential items for autumn.

My first autumn essential is lipstick. Now it has to be said that I'm not really a lipstick kinda gal, but I've made an exception for this Maybelline beauty. I have it in the shade 725 Tantalizing Taupe and it perfectly matches the shade of my lips, allowing me to wear it to school unnoticed. It's colour allows it to beautifully compliment almost any outfit, and as the cold air starts to settle around us it is very effective in keeping your lips cute and hydrated.

My next essential is this Body Shop body spray in the scent Vanilla. It has to be said that vanilla is one of, if not my favourite scent, and although it can be seen as a summery fragrance, I find it adds a quirky finish to any outfit. There are many different scents available, but for me it's a signature staple, and fits perfectly into your handbag to be used whenever!  

Now I know that a tank top doesn't seem to be like an autumnal item, however when you live in a cold country like I do, a tank top is the perfect thing to place under a shirt or blouse to add that little extra layer to keep you warm and cozy. I got this tank in grey as it perfectly compliments the majority of the clothing I already own and won't look out of place. This top, and others like it, are available in almost any clothing shop, however I got this on in New Look for £2.99.

There was no way I would be able to complete an autumn essentials post without including a scarf. Scarves are the perfects autumnal accessory, and as the new season of clothes comes into the shops, scarves are among the most loved. When buying a scarf, be sure to keep in mind the colours you have in your wardrobe and try and find the best one to suit you. Also, it must be soft and warm, it just has to be, don't question it. I bought this scarf from New Look for £9.99 and it will go well with any colour coat or jacket.

Finally last, but certainly not least, everyone needs a pair of ankle boots. These gorgeous brown boots are again from New Look (I know it seems like I'm a bit obsessed with this shop, but I got everything on pay day and it's the closest fashionable in my town) for £19.99, and once again, they will compliment the clothes I already own, yet still scream 'Autumn!'.

And that's it for this post guys! I hope you enjoyed my first of probably many autumnal posts, and I would really appreciate a comment or a spread to let me know what you think and what you'd like to read about next time!

Song of the day : 'Henrietta' - The Fratellis

N x


  1. Oh my gosh your shoes are LUSH!!!
    I totally adore the smell of vanilla (I'm a tad obsessed...). I know this is really easy to find out, but how much is the Body Shop body spray, and does it last for quite a while? I'm definitely going to look into getting one!

    1. Hey! The spray is £7.50 and mine has lasted me since January so it's definitely worth the money

  2. I was just thinking about lipsticks for fall. I don't really like lipstick but lip stains are a must. I adore wearing red lipstick in fall, vanilla perfume and many layers. Your boots are so cute!

  3. Loveeee the boots! I love wearing boots like these in the fall. They look great with so many outfits. You have such a lovely blog ♡

  4. I totally agree with all of that! I am so in love with your boots and scarf too! Love it :)

    Holly x


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