Wednesday, 4 November 2015

An Open Letter To Him

When I saw you today something changed.

You sat across the room from me, completely oblivious and absorbed in your own little world. You smiled to yourself and laughed quietly. You were afraid that someone saw you when you looked both ways and turned crimson, shying away from your own happiness. But I saw.

You didn't see me as I looked to you, as I smiled along with you. You didn't notice as the sun glanced through the window and landed on you, making you shine. You didn't notice you were not alone. But I did.

You don't realise that when I smile at you, I want you to do more than smile back on instinct. You don't understand that I like you more and more each time I see you. You don't even know my name. But I know.

You don't see me as anything more than a girl in the year below. You don't believe that you could create such an lingering sensation without even a touch. You don't know me.

But I'd like you to. 


  1. <3 Is this something that happened or something you wrote? I love it by the way

    1. something that happened/is still happening haha


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